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As summer turns to fall, vacations end, and the days become shorter, our skin finally enjoys a reprieve from the harsh summer sun. Unfortunately, the damage is done. Those freckles that were cute as a child aren’t so cute now. They’ve gotten dark or more may have formed. Those fine lines have become a little deeper. And maybe some blood vessels have broken around the nose, chin and cheeks.

But don’t despair; FreshSkin’s popular Skincare Bootcamp is back! Time for a corrective laser skin care regimen. To find out if our Bootcamp is right for you, book a detailed skin analysis with complimentary consultation.

What is Skincare Bootcamp?

Skincare Bootcamp is a series of three treatments designed to whip your skin into shape!

STEP 1: Sciton Forever Young BBL

Concern: Brown Spots / Hyperpigmentation / Redness / Broken Blood Vessels

Treatment: This photo rejuvenation technology can help fade skin imperfections for a smoother, more even-toned complexion. It is ideal for treating sun damage, age spots and skin redness, including rosacea and broken capillaries.

The Forever Young BBL uses broadband light to warm the top layers of the skin, targeting hyperpigmentation and redness. The light corrects any abnormal melanin (skin pigment) as well as broken blood vessels below the skin’s surface. The body then responds by removing damaged tissue and producing collagen in its place, resulting in better texture and tone.

STEP2: Chemical Exfoliation

Two weeks later, it’s time for a chemical exfoliation treatment to help slough off the residual speckling that occurs when sunspots are treated, and to calm any redness, in case you’re prone.

STEP 3: Sciton NanoLaserPeel

Concern: Fine Lines / Wrinkles

Treatment: Two weeks later, NanoLaserPeel and MicroLaserPeel provide a light resurfacing of the outermost, damaged skin cells to make way for newer, healthier skin. The procedure is tailored to each individual patient and can improve skin conditions such as fine lines, fine wrinkles, scars, acne scars or hyperpigmentation.

Cholesterol – What you need to know 

High cholesterol is a major risk factor for heart disease and for stroke, the first and fifth leading causes of death. But it usually has no symptoms, until it’s too late. So how do you know if your cholesterol is too high? No worries. We can do a quick, comprehensive blood test. And high cholesterol can be controlled with simple supplements and a few lifestyle changes, so now is the time to act!

We know that a healthy diet, strength training, and endurance exercise will all help to reduce cholesterol levels, specifically the ‘bad’ cholesterol that causes disease. We also know that statin therapy (cholesterol medication) helps lower cholesterol levels, but with fairly predictable side-effects. Current research shows that a number of more natural compounds, including Bergamet PRO+, one of our top selling products, helps reduce cholesterol significantly, with virtually no side effects.
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